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Our mission is to provide the highest quality physical therapy and massage therapy services to the community through hands on, one on one, personalized care. While maintaining compassion, empathy, and patient dignity, we are committed to ethical treatment and billing, continuous professional and educational development, community wellness programs, and sincere interaction with patients and doctors alike.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Advantage Physical Therapy now offers a wide range of pelvic floor treatments for both men and women.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a manual manipulation of the body by applying pressure to muscles and connective tissues.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is an intramuscular treatment that uses needles to relieve muscles pain and speed up the healing process.

Golf Rehab

Advantage Physical Therapy offers golf specific rehab to help you return to the links as soon as possible.

Our Vision & Purpose

Personalized Care | Real Results
We are fully committed to providing the highest quality of care and customer service with every patient we meet. All patients receive one-on-one care and we promise you will never be double booked. We feel strongly that physical therapy treatments should be performed by physical therapists themselves and therefore, we are also dedicated to never using technicians or aides for your care.

What Sets Us Apart

  • All care is performed by a licensed physical therapist, never an aide or technician
  • Your physical therapist will work only with you during your appointment
  • You can see the same physical therapist for all of your treatments
  • You’ll get faster results in fewer sessions through our advanced, hands-on techniques

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Become an Advantage PT Success Story

“The constant pain in my head, neck and base of skull was gone after my first visit – amazing!”

– S.L.

“When I first came to Advantage PT I could not walk on the sidewalk without pain. Now I can hike all day long without pain.”

– L.M.

“I have been dizzy for weeks. After one treatment it is finally gone!”

– B.R.

Top 10 Physical Therapists in Durango, CO

Congratulations to Advantage Physical Therapy & Wellness P.C. for winning the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards in Durango Physical Therapist
Verified by Opencare.com

Top 10 Physical Therapists in Durango, CO
Voted “Best Physical Therapist” in the Durango Herald Reader’s Choice Awards.
Top 10 Physical Therapists in Durango, CO
Voted “Best Physical Therapist” in the Durango Herald Reader’s Choice Awards.

Voted “Best Physical Therapist” in the Durango Herald Reader’s Choice Awards.

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Paula West
Paula West
20:14 09 Jul 18
After knee surgery, Jan & Mandy kept me progressing to a full recovery. When I started to get depressed about the slow pace of recovery, they knew how to encourage me to keep pushing myself. I am now riding my bicycle 4 times a week and walking 3 times a week. I would not have made it without their expert help! Thank you so much, you two amazing women!
Heather Freeman
Heather Freeman
16:14 08 Apr 18
Advantage Physical Therapy got me back to my happy place - back on the trails. Mike's assessment quickly pinpointed my pain point and began working to resolve it with dry needling. Since my treatment I've gotten back to running comfortably and enjoying our beautiful CO trails. Thanks Mike!
22:21 23 Apr 18
Mandy has been a miracle worker with my 8yo daughter! She makes the exercises fun for her and has helped alleviate her back pain. My daughter enjoys her weekly visits with Mandy. 🙂 Highly recommend!
Ray Smith
Ray Smith
04:23 05 Feb 18
I have two remaining visits of a dozen with Mike Testa. In the beginning I was struggling with a loss of mobility stemming from a neck and back surgery. After two visits a week with Mike; coupled with his at-home prescribed mobility exercises, I am able to function better in my daily life with less pain, and better movement. I feel the detailed assessment and personal attention directly aided my speedy recovery. A combination of dry needling, ice/heat, vigorous bodywork, and mobility exercises under the direction of Mike has benefited my life tremendously.
Patty Mack
Patty Mack
18:20 07 Feb 18
Advantage Physical Therapy is the GO TO WELLNESS/get well from injuries therapy center! Normally, I would go for a few visits and say that I am better and quit the therapy--BIG error! Finally I listened to my awesome PT Amy Testa and stayed in PT for the long haul. Yes, I was tempted to give up. I told Amy probably no hope for me. But Amy replied to continue to reach for the pristine prize of total wellness! I did my exercises, attended my therapy sessions faithfully and added a bit of faith to my belief mentality system and I am so excited--my body is healing. Yes it is a slow process to my ideas but healing is sure better than the pain I was in. Bravo Amy! Amy never lost hope and kept me on track to attain a level of physical acuity I only dreamed of but never thought was attainable after my back injury!!!! Thank you to the PT Amy who was sensitive to both my physical injury needs and the actual recovery exercises that I could achieve without any re-injury. I no longer have to live in life filled with pain. And I am beginning to walk better too. No dancing yet but the horizon is filled with hope for a bright future of living a more normal, pain free life as Amy Testa leads me on a positive path to pristine healing!
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